First Dance Suggestions
The bride and groom should always have a first dance as husband and wife. This is traditionally a special moment between the couple, and it lets the guests know that the dance floor will soon be open.
Your first dances will be the "soundtrack" of your wedding. These songs will be embedded into the memories of your wedding forever!

Typically there are several "first dances" at a wedding reception. As long as it is agreeable (and possible), TKO will try to get your first dances started as your guests are finishing their meal so there is not a lot of lag time. We have found in our experience, the sooner we can get your guests up and dancing, the longer they tend to stay at the reception.
Second, if applicable, the bride will dance with her father, and the groom with his mother. There are several options for this dance. The bride and her father and the groom and his mother can have a separate song all for themselves, or ask that the groom and his mother join the bride and her father either from the start of the song or half way through.
As a newer tradition, you can have a parents dance. For this dance, all sets of parents plus the bride and groom will dance. The idea is for the newly melded family to share a special moment at the reception. The song chosen is usually something more from the parents' generation, perhaps even the song used for the first dance at their reception.
Finally there is the wedding party dance. It has become very popular for the song chosen to be a fun and upbeat song so the wedding party does not have to couple up for a slow song. If desired, we can also invite all of the guests to join half way through the song to give the dance floor an instant jolt!
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